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Why I Went to Urgent Care on Annual Review Day

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It's a Really Good Knife

It really looked to be a fun day. I had two major things on my agenda – pack up my former boss’ office computer (she has moved to Canada to work remotely), and go to lunch with my current boss for my annual review.

My former boss is the office Art Director, and has a dual-monitor Mac Pro. I was to break it down and pack it up to arrive in Toronto in a week or so.  I had ordered her Mac Pro and wisely kept the original box. No problem there. However, the monitors were older and had no boxes. I had similar monitor boxes though, and could easily modify them for my purpose. After all, I am a handy man with a tool!

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Hey Mr. Kittymans

Last night my lovely wife and I went to see the James Cameron epic, Avatar. We went to see it at the Raleigh IMAX theater in 3D. I’ve not been impressed by the local IMAX theater – it gives me the feeling that I’m sitting too close to the screen. However, this was 3D! Perhaps it would add something to the experience?

It did! It was, in a word, hellish. I seem to be in the small number of folks who get motion sickness from certain 3D effects. I spent about half of the first hour with my eyes closed.

By the time I got used to the effects, the story was well underway. I found it heavy-handed and obvious. By the end of the movie, I found that the characters who had started out interesting were one-dimensional at best. The dialog is flat, even the acting is quite unremarkable. I’m sure that in the script, the line that’s used most often is “…and then, just in the nick of time…” because that happens in every almost every action sequence.

I think because of the wow factor in the effects, most people are overlooking the fact that the movie itself is really quite bad. I don’t think it will hold up well after the novelty has faded.


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Hi there!

Welcome to the new! I hadn’t been posting to the site for a number of years, but since moving to a new hosting company, I decided to do a proper reboot of the site using WordPress.

I also decided to narrow the focus of the site to cover just the things that I’m still interested in, mostly writing. I’ll be posting all of my previous essays, links to my books, comics, and art collections, as well as serializing my new novella.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by!