2013 in Review

All in all, an excellent year.

  • Did the Run Free marathon in Feb with excellent friends.
  • Finished the house renovations.
  • Really dug in at work and loved it. Did the font-end development for several cool websites, and blogged about it.
  • Went to Berlin with my Good Lady Wife and had a lovely time.
  • Successfully avoided most relatives and their attached drama for the entire year.
  • Ran regularly, getting up to 12 miles in Summer.
  • Managed to keep my weight under control (+/- 5lb).
  • Learned to cook Indian food.
  • Reduced my personal possessions down to what will fit in a storage/moving pod.
  • Spent the week of Christmas in Philly with my lovely wife and some very cool friends.

Best of all, I had my fantastic and brilliant wife (and best friend) Rachel to share it with. 🙂

I’m looking forward to many exciting challenges in the New Year, since we’re starting 2014 by selling our house and moving to Portland, OR.

I think I shall write more in the New Year, and perhaps do more cartooning.

See you in Portland!

~Joe K

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